Nickel Magnum 1.5-6x30 ED

The real safari riflescope:

  • 125 mm (4.9 in.) eye relief!
    Safari hunters and users of large caliber weapons with heavy recoil need additional safety with long eye relief.
  • Excellent handling with low mounting height.
    Especially low mounting heights have been achieved through a systematic slim-line construction of the Nickel Magnum scope. The small ocular diameter ensures undisturbed repetition action and allows free access for locking and handling the rifle. This applies in particular to repeating rifles with the Mauser 98 System.
    The cartridge ejection port is mainly kept free by the special arrangement of the reticle adjustment. This means that you can comfortably load, unload and/or re-load despite a lowmounting scope.

Technical data and reticle subtension

Nickel Magnum 1,5-6x30 ED, B1, L1 Price: 4640 EUR

Nickel Magnum 1,5-6x30 ED, 4
  • without rail
  • Reticle 4 in the 1st image plane (magnifying)
  • usually ships in 6 to 8 months
Price: 3954 EUR

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