High-End Riflescopes

Nickel is only selling riflescopes direct to hunters and target shooters. Nickel riflescopes are not available from shops. This is why the finest riflescopes Made in Germany can be offered at very attractive prices.

High-End Riflescopes

Extreme performance and perfect usability

1-4x25 CX1-4x251,5-6x423-12x50 NEW

The Real Safari Riflescope

125 mm (4.9 in.) eye relief!

Nickel Magnum 1,5-6x30

Running Target

for Running Target, with quadruple reticle adjustment

4x36 CQ, RT4x36 CQ, RTL4-16x56 CPQ  

Nickel riflescopes are not available from your local dealer. Design, production and distribution are DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. Nickel is a member of the Gerhardt Group.

Gold in Athens 2004

"Nickel riflescopes are truly high-end products and extremely reliable. Seize the opportunities offered by our distribution system and buy direct."

Manfred Kurzer

The multiple Running Target world champion and world record holder triumphed with his Nickel riflescope in 2004 in Athens.