Illuminated Reticle Isodot

Universal red dot with a battery-life of 5000 hours!

The Nickel Isodot reticle with a unique battery-life of 5000 hours is perfectly suited for all lighting situations - day and night. The red dot can always be seen very clearly, even on snow glistening from the brightest sunshine.

As the Isodot reticle is located in the second image plane the dot size does not increase when changing the magnification. This allows you to acquire your target quickly at lower magnifications and the reduced reticle subtension at higher magnifications enables you to shoot precisely at longer ranges.

When the illumination is turned off, the Isodot reticle is visible as a black dot.

Isodot Leuchtpunkt


  • battery-life of 5000 hours
  • unobstructed view of target
  • fast target acquisition in any environment
  • stepplessly dimmable for low light situations
  • extreme intensity for daylight use - the red dot is pefectly visible on snow in bright sunshine
  • constant dot size over the entire magnification range (reticle in 2nd image plane)
  • perfect design and usability - Illumination system B3 with memory function is not located on the ocular tube!
  • clearly visible black dot, when the illumination is deactivated

Subtension of the illuminated Isodot reticle

ModelMagnificationSubtension in cm at
Nickel 1-4x25 C1x5,51122
Nickel 1,5-6x42 C1,5x3,77,314,6
Nickel 3-12x56 C3x1,83,77,3
Nickel 8x56 C8x0,71,352,7